As you can see from the competition layout image, members are randomly assigned weapons. There are only 3 weapons that go around in rounds 1-4, but not in round 5 (in round 5, no weapons will be issued – depending on the competition layout – check the image above). The weapons are : +3, -3, and HELP. These will be PM ‘d to you.

Only one set will be distributed each round. That is, only ONE person will receive +3, one person will receive -3, one person will receive HELP.

Receivers are completely chosen at random.

What do these weapons mean?

If you receive a +3 card, it means that we will add 3 points to your final score of that round.
If you receive a -3 card, it means that we will subtract 3 points from the final score of your opponent.
If you receive a HELP card, it means that we will be on standby to critique your work. At least 2 people will look at your wallpaper (including myself, aka HELPER01) and give you advice. You may only use your HELP CARD ONCE in the 2 week walling period.

HELPER02 is anonymous and will be either on standby – or not – to help you. This boils down to luck.
HELPER02 in each round is a different member of Minitokyo.
All HELPER02s are anonymous and will be revealed at the end of the competition.

You are encouraged to use your HELP card wisely and use it at a time appropriate to give yourself plenty of time for completion/ fixing up mistakes – AND keep on track of your own work so you have something substantial for us to look at and crit (ie. something more or less 90% finished).

You do not have to use your HELP card if you do not wish to.

You may keep these weapons a secret to yourself, or tell your opponent what weapon you received. If you didn’t get a weapon, you could still lie to your opponent about what weapon you received. Nobody will know.

3 days prior to the end of the 2 week walling period, we will announce and remind everyone that they need to send in their entries on time. At that same time, we will publicly announce who received the weapons. This adds pressure on your opponent, and to the suspense of the competition.
There will be no weapons in the final two rounds (24 person competition). We will still have these cards up until the semi-final in the 16 person competition.


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