Your score for each round is out of 50. There are 4 scoring categories.
15 points for technique and execution.
15 points for creativity and innovation.
15 points for aesthetics, composition and motif.
5 points for wow factor.

For scores out of 15, a score of 10-15 is exceptional or excellent, 5-10 is creditable, average or passable, 0-5 is unsatisfactory.
For scores out of 5, 4-5 is exceptional, excellent, ground-breaking; 2-3 being moderately refreshing; 0-1 being completely cliche, un-new, and expected.

Scores may be given in increments of 0.5 (ie. 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 etc). No other decimal increment will be accepted.

The wow factor will be based on surprise and will be scored first by judges on first impression of viewing your entry in full size.

All scores from 5 judges will be added, divided by 5 (ie. average is taken) and then any adjustments to the score will be made, if you have a weapon in/against your favour. Everyone’s score will therefore be out of 50.

Do not forget that if you submit late, your score will decrease by -1 points each day , maximum of -5 mark reduction if you submit beyond 5 days late.

Weapon recipients and opponents of weapon recipients will have their scores adjusted otherwise.

In the event that if both participants in the pair receive the exact same score… we might have to make it best out of 5 games of Bejewelled. 😉

How to prevent getting a terrible score such as 0/5 for wow factor?

I strongly encourage you to think about the theme given to you. Do not wall the first idea that comes to your head! Think it over and think about what would the judges expect from you, and what you could do to make it not so cliche.

I will do my best to set themes that will rule out the chances of you receiving a 0/5 score, so that you will be forced to think outside the square.

Good luck!


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