Participation etiquette

  • If you cannot participate in any given round, you forfeit your participation in the competition. Please be considerate and if you need to pull out, pull out before the round starts, or within 3 days of the round start, so that we can replace your spot with a wild card contestant. You must notify the organisors that you are pulling out.
  • You are allowed to lie to your opponents about weapons you may or may not have received. You can place bets and do anything you wish to intimidate your opponent, however please do not violate the Minitokyo Policy in any way, public or via private messaging system that is threatening, offensive, or derrogoratory in any way. I know you guys won’t do it lol, but just in case okay D:
  • As the Policy states, all work must be YOUR OWN. For the purposes of this competition, no collaborations are allowed (no matter how small the portion), and all work on the wallpaper must be done by you (with the exception of raw scans, stock photos/ images, brushes and Indy Art/ Doujinshi which is FAN ART, NOT TRACE ART).

Judging etiquette

  • All judges MUST DOWNLOAD THE ENTRIES IN FULL and make a (constructive) comment on the entry. Due to the large number of entries in round one, Judges will be assigned wallpapers to comment on, so each entry will get at least one comment each.
  • Judges will not score entries they have seen or accidentally stumbled across on.
  • Judges are varied in terms of walling skill and can be anyone on Minitokyo. This is not just a competition for you to get good feedback, it’s also for regular members to also exercise their eyes and improve critiquing skills, and in turn learn and critique themselves for future reference. It works two ways šŸ™‚ Not really a rule, but something you should keep in mind.

Scan usage

Each round may specify a particular scan or group of scans you are allowed to use. This is a list of examples of possible restrictions you may be given:

  • Take any scan from anywhere and wall this themeā€¦
  • Take any scan from the Yoshiyuki Sadamoto gallery and wall it for this themeā€¦
  • Take any scan from a category with less than 15 wallpapers and wall it for this themeā€¦
  • Take any scan from a category with less than 5 scans and wall it for this themeā€¦
  • Wall this scan and wall it for this themeā€¦

Scans include your own self-drawn/ made Indy Art/ Doujinshi, or Indy Art/ Doujinshi made by other members (could be anyone from anywhere).
Please make sure that if you choose to use someone else’s art, to ask them for their permission beforehand, and to provide proper credit to them when you submit to the Minitokyo galleries after the round is over.


You must make your own vectorised scans if you wish to vector. The only Indy Art/ Doujinshi you are allowed to take is FAN ART (which may be raw, or vectorised depending on what it is).

Vector brushes and stock photos are okay as these do not fall under source art in terms of the main subject of the wallpaper. The no trace art/ vector art rule applies because I don’t want anyone to get a head start by taking an already modified (and improved) scan. Indy Art/ member/ original art is offered to you because there are some members who are interested in showcasing aspects of artworks by members that they believe should be recognised etc.

Submission requirements

  • All wallpapers submitted MUST be in widescreen format and a minimum of 1920 x 1200 pixels.
    You can use any widescreen ratio, but it must be larger than or equal to 1920×1200 pixels.
  • In each round there is a specific theme that wallers will be asked to attend to. You must display attention to detail to this theme, and it must show in your wallpaper entry.
  • For the purposes of the Minitokyo Policy, we ask that all entries comply with the Minitokyo Policy and do not violate it in a way so that the entries cannot be submitted to the Minitokyo galleries.

Submission requirements and procedure

  • Each round lasts for exactly 2 weeks. You must submit on time, or else you will face a score penalty of -1 marks per day, maximum of -5 marks ifĀ you submit the entry late. Your entry will still be scored, but the penalty will apply.
  • For contestants who receive a HELP card, it is your responsibility to stay on track and on time and PM kuroimisa with your work in progress in a decent size and with enough content on it to be able to be assessed by your HELPER02. Allow enough time (suggestion of 5 days’ time) to send your work, receive the feedback, and make any appropriate changes as necessary. You do not need to use your HELP card, but if you do so, please use it wisely.
  • All entries are to be PM’d to kuroimisaĀ on Minitokyo (no other site is allowed). In your PM you should follow the round announcement guidelines and include 2 JPEG files – one with a signature/ watermark, and the other without. The unmarked JPEG entry will be used for judging purposes. If you do not send an unmarked JPEG file, I will photoshop a black rectangle over your signature/ watermark to protect your identity.
  • Do not submit your wallpaper entry with or without your signature on your personal blog, personal website, Minitokyo, or anywhere on the Internet until the round results and round theme have been announced. This is to keep your entry anonymous for judging!

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