One winner. One prize.

It has been decided that the WINNER of this competition will receive Kunie Kanbara’s latest artbook, “ECHO” in the mail.

Click here for the official artbook site and preview

Here is a preview of the artbook:

I will ship with a tracking number via Registered Airmail (so it will not get lost) to your country. I will NOT be shipping Express (actually, I might change this, depending on how much Express is and how much the book weighs. We’ll see. Either way you get a tracking number and shipping is relatively quick).

Registered airmail generally takes up to 14 working/ business days to arrive to most countries in the world, unless your country has strict customs – then allow 21 days. I will give you the tracking number so you may ring your postal service of its whereabouts.

It is your responsibility to check your local post office regularly to see if your prize has arrived. Usually if you miss the mailman or didn’t receive a card from the post office (in this case you have to go to the post office and ask if you received anything), the post office will hold your item for 5 working days, and then will be sent back to me (the sender). If this happens, I will not send you the artbook again; I will simply scan it to the best I can (note that this depends on my schedule and how busy I am) and send it to you in a zip.

Depending on my Internet circumstance and the size of the artbook due to craptastic Internet in Australia, I may choose to burn off the scans onto a DVD and mail that to you.

This is because DVDs are light weight and are fairly cheap to ship. A book however, is not. But this is only in the event that you completely did not receive your prize, which I hope will not happen.

It is your responsibility to provide me with a correct address. I will not be liable for a lost prize should the address is a mistake on your behalf.
You must also provide me with your REAL full name. This is because you need I.D to pick up a registered airmail item.

Please note that if you live in Italy I might have to double check shipping methods to you (if registered airmail is okay), and in extreme cases, I will send you the entire artbook (HQ scans) in a zip, should your country have any shipping implications. If you are the winner and believe that there are shipping implications for your country (ie. items frequently getting lost or undelivered), you MUST let me know beforehand. I will not be liable for a lost prize.

You are liable for all fees imposed on you by customs of your country.
In general, you shouldn’t be charged a fee at all. It’s just a book. But in the event that you do get charged, please be aware that you are liable to pay for them!

The prize is not redeemable for cash, or exchangeable for another prize. The artbook has already been ordered as of the 16th February 2010. The prize is set.

You are free to do as you wish with your prize, including but not limited to selling it, giving it away, scanning the artbook for credits on Minitokyo, and walling the scans at your own leisure. You may even burn it to toast your marshmallows, if you wish 🙂


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