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Round 1 FAQs


Alright, I’ve received a few questions and I figured they might or might not apply to you all, so I’m going to throw them up onto this post. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I’ll be updating this post constantly so keep a look out 🙂 Q: Where can I find the rules […]

Okay, this wasn’t very smart, but I was typing up a draft, WordPress posted it live (even though I didn’t click the button) and the names / matches have been leaked as well as the theme. To make it fair, I am redrawing all the names and setting a new theme. Anyone who saw the […]

Hello participants, lurking judges and helpers! 😀 This is going to be my last “spam” blog post for the meantime, because I have a feeling Knockout is going to launch very soon. I’m waiting on just 2 confirmations, and straight after that, I’ll be drawing out the names, uploading it onto Youtube, announcing the Round […]

Sorry for the random spammage (this blog is for updates), but it occurred to me that while I wrote that entries must satisfy the Policy, I realised that there would be some loophole-age involved. Entries must be made by the participant, and are NOT collaborations with other people. It sounds pretty straight forward, but I […]

Hey guys, I got the prize in the mail! Because I’m lazy and I didn’t want to take photographs and such (composition, upload, upload again, code Dx) I just took a video LOL. Excuse my Australian accent. And if you’re wondering, yes, my accent is Australian – the accent’s never as strong and outlandish as […]

Hello again everyone – as you can check, there are currently 18 19 confirmed contestants, which is well over the 16 participants mininum. Hopefully brom will enter D: *adds pressure* And if so we only need 5 more people 🙂 Round 1 theme has been decided. Obviously I can’t let you all know what it is now, […]

MapleRose kindly made a banner (which you can grab from the recruitment thread), but I made up 2 myself of two different sizes – one larger and one smaller (which can actually be used as a signature, I imagine). Maple’s banner actually uses the cover of ECHO for her banner, whereas my ones are using a […]

There is currently only 1 judging spot left for Minitokyo Knockout! I’m considering depending on the response that I may increase the number of judges. But yes, only 1 more spot! All 5 judging positions are now filled. But yeah, more spots may be opened if people are happy to judge! NEW BRAINWAVE / RULE CHANGE […]

Blogroll links


Hey all – Just a note that there is a Blogroll list on the side. If you have a personal website link or something you’d like me to link to, simply leave a comment for me somewhere where I can see it, and I’ll add it to the list. Thanks 🙂