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Hello all – I’m going to do this in a reverse fashion and reveal who all the judges are and helpers FIRST – scroll down for the entries right at the bottom. Sorry for the late compilation of scores – I thought that Minitokyo had a downtime but it turns out it’s just my Internet […]

Sorry guys for the delay. I’ve been having some Internet issues as of late. I’ll put the results up very soon in the next 24 hours. See you all then!

Round4 is over.


Hi guys, Sorry for the slight delay, but I declare Round 4 is now over. Check this space in the next 10 days or so – 🙂 I’ll start judging now 😉

This is how the competition looks. I’ve added some information to the chart so you can see what happened in the past few months and how the competition came along. As you all may have noticed, the score weapons have been crossed out for this round. I realised the -3 card does not work whatsoever, […]

A-YO FINALLY THIS IS WHAT YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR </lame reference ._.> Alright, so what happened was that I got not 5, not 6, but SEVEN judges to judge and score this round. I also gave everyone a comment, but I did NOT score. This is such a tough cookie – I can’t believe […]