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A-YO FINALLY THIS IS WHAT YOU’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR </lame reference ._.> Alright, so what happened was that I got not 5, not 6, but SEVEN judges to judge and score this round. I also gave everyone a comment, but I did NOT score. This is such a tough cookie – I can’t believe […]

Long story short – I kinda screwed up and I do NOT have enough feedback or distributions of scores to go around. I’ve called in emergency services and fingers crossed I get an extra set or two of scores. What does this mean? It means that scoring/ results will be delayed by an extra 72 […]

Hi all I’ve received all 6 entries for Round 3 smoothly and without any problem. The entries have been put up and have been sent for judging. The results should come out in about 7 or 9 days MAX from now. Depends on when I get the scores in. Good work to everyone so far! […]

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Round 3 Weapons


Hello again – once again I have a video but I’m not posting it because err well, bandwidth issues OTL dslassey: +3 sjade 1: -3 flyindreams: HELP The dslassey vs sjade1 pairing results in no point advantage weapons for this round (+3-3=0). Do not forget that there is a wildcard in this round – it […]

Hello guys, What happened was I was meant to start the round earlier, but as you all gather, I haven’t sent out a PM yet. There are two reasons for being so: Extra time for you to put some creative juices to work – this theme is not easy by any standards, and because it […]

Hi guys! Sorry once again for the delay. What happened was I got all the results in yesterday, but couldn’t post until today due to wordpress acting up all day yesterday (you know when Mt stuffs up and the css is gone? Yeah, exactly like that – I’m still not sure if it was just […]