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Hi guys! Sorry once again for the delay. What happened was I got all the results in yesterday, but couldn’t post until today due to wordpress acting up all day yesterday (you know when Mt stuffs up and the css is gone? Yeah, exactly like that – I’m still not sure if it was just […]

SLOW SAUCE INTERNET. Just a post to let you know all the results are in. I’ll post later tonight, if not, tomorrow. 😉

Round 2 Weapons


I’ve filmed the video, but I won’t be p0sting it up because I’m extremely tired. I’m sorry for the late announcement – I was away from home for a night out, and then when I got home the next day I found that my laptop had been stolen along with a few other things. I […]

Hey guys, sorry for getting these in a day or so late. I got all the results from the judges today and I quickly compiled them. Btw, I don’t actually know if the microphone worked or not XD   Quick shoutout to the 5 judges and 1 helper – you are all made of awesomesauce. […]

Round 2 Matches


Sorry for an extra post, but I want to sleep and it’s taking too long. I’ll PM Round 2 People in the next 24 hours. So you all can get some extra time.