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Hey guys, sorry for getting these in a day or so late. I got all the results from the judges today and I quickly compiled them. Btw, I don’t actually know if the microphone worked or not XD   Quick shoutout to the 5 judges and 1 helper – you are all made of awesomesauce. […]

HAI GUISE! I GOTZ THE ENTRIES 8D Judging will officially start tomorrow (I get free internets yusss) – so the results are on their way! I like to juggle things around a bit. For this round I’ll be asking the HELPER to also judge (since the HELPER was keen on judging), but just for this […]

Hi all, I’ve gotten quite a few queries on when Round 1 of Knockout ended and I’ve gotten questions ranging from how long judging would take to when the winners are announced, and even requests to see the entries. I’m still waiting on 2 entries. I’ve been brought to my attention that the deadline has […]

Round 1 Weapons


Hello guys, yes it is that time of the competition where you only have approximately 72 hours left! I’m blogging this about an hour or so early, but here’s the draw video for the weapons: As you can tell I drew/ filmed this on the same day as drawing out the Round 1 names (well […]

Round 1 FAQs


Alright, I’ve received a few questions and I figured they might or might not apply to you all, so I’m going to throw them up onto this post. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I’ll be updating this post constantly so keep a look out 🙂 Q: Where can I find the rules […]

Welcome to Knockout everyone! I am your host and I’m here for (attempted) comedic relief. Ratings disabled on failsauce draw video – I keep getting them out of order… PS: I do NOT look like this usually. This is just an extreme disguise <_< It’s not necessary to watch the video – it’s just there […]