Final Round results, winners, judges, HELPers all revealed!


Hello all – I’m going to do this in a reverse fashion and reveal who all the judges are and helpers FIRST – scroll down for the entries right at the bottom.

Sorry for the late compilation of scores – I thought that Minitokyo had a downtime but it turns out it’s just my Internet being weird. I had a few net problems, but I’m here now πŸ™‚

A few words of appreciation, thanks and comments

I hope that everyone had fun! I’d like to thank all the participants for putting up with my crap, and special thanks for the judges and HELPers who volunteered πŸ™‚ In fact I would like to thank everyone who replied to my invitation at the beginning of the contest πŸ™‚ Last but not least I’d like to thank spectators too for their support and for following the competition. I really hope that you all enjoyed Mt Knockout while it was here – perhaps we might have one for 2011? I don’t know, you let me know πŸ™‚

And I’m super sorry I still haven’t gotten around to linking your entries to Minitokyo *hits self on head* – but I WILL do it by the end of this week.

HELPers revealed…

Well, I made a big deal about the HELPers and if you didn’t use your HELP card, it’s time for you now to possibly cringe at missing your chance!

ROUND1 HELPer was Kritty (so chrisp, you missed out!) – however, Kritty judged for Round 1 as a guest judge.

ROUND2 HELPer was fukushuusha, who helped MapleRose get through her round.

ROUND3 HELPer was trofikabinet – HELP card wasn’t used in this round, so trofi judged for Round 3 as a guest judge.

ROUND4 HELPer was Deto15 – HELP card wasn’t used (it was up for grabs) πŸ™‚

Thank you so much to all of you – you were all awesome and I cannot thank you enough just for volunteering πŸ™‚


There were 2 wildcards: fukushuusha and xRedPhoenix (Phoenix participated in ROUND3, replacing dslassey).


In alphabetical order, here were the 5 judges who consistently judged every single round, and put up with my horrible organisation (sorry/thanks XD):






Thanks all for taking time out of your very busy schedules and lives to score and write comments – I really appreciate it πŸ™‚


And so here’s the nail biting part of it. The entries.

The theme was “Tell me Goodbye” – (@chibimisao – well yes, it was sort of inspired by Big Bang’s song ;)) – but it was up for free interpretation. Origami patterns must be included.

There were 3 finalists: erikamirou, flyindreams and sjade1. erikamirou pulled out due to school work, so it became a duel between two fierce wallers!

In alphabetical order:


WOW (5): 2.7
TECH (15): 10.3
CREA(15): 10.2
THEME (15):Β 9.8
TOTAL (50): 33

“Well, I don’t know what to say about this one, I liked the way the wave is positioned and the buildings too. It’s great! But didn’t get my atention, like, the blue didn’t match well.”Β 

“I am not wholy convinced by the message and tone set here. The clean, archetectural lines create a more modern look, but on the whole it seems more like a mock up than an actual wall. A better color scheme would work to differentiate your objects and give the wall more depth. Try more color differentiation, especially between the “center objectt (waves, buildings etc) and the sky–this will help draw attention towards the corner. Additionally, more vivacious lineart would add movement while getting rid of your jagged edges.”

“I enjoy the empty space and simple gradient and vector. I also love the mix of stock images to produce a contemporary look. However, certain parts look unfinished – which kind of made this piece rather bland compared to the other entry. Great job anyway.”

“Not sure exactly how this fits with the theme… Interesting overall look though. I like the patterns used in the wave as well as the “transparent” buildings, but not sure about having so much empty blue space to the left.”

”Β I like the look of this, though I don’t see a clear message. The cranes blend so well, I didn’t even know there was cranes until I had read/full viewed the wall. I personally think the wall could’ve used alot more work and detail to make the theme more obvious, it all just blends together and nothing really sparks forward. That being said, it’s still very creative and interesting. It was worth the full view to understand better.”


WOW (5): 4
TECH (15): 12.1
CREA(15): 12.2
THEME (15):Β 12.9
TOTAL (50): 41.2

“It’s really impressive, the way the textures were used to give more life to the wall and the composition itself is really gorgeous. It’s amazing!”

“While seemingly simple, this wall is actually much more complex, with rich textures and well-thoughtout execution. The birds create movement against the character for an interesting story, while the patterns are perfectly balanced for a subtle but appealing look. Only complaint is the lineart on the clothing, which seems too straight and thin against the hard edges of the paper-torn background.”

“I love the classic approach here, and the combination of textures and patterns really worked well. I’m not sure if the pattern you used on the background matches the look. But all in all, beautiful portrayal on the theme and very neat job as a whole.”

“Overall, WOW! Great use of origami textures. I also like how the theme ties in with the releasing of the cranes.”

“I love the concept between the crane and the women, I do think alot of people would be confused looking at it. However I clearly saw the theme and interpreted the sense of a story almost immediately. The textures are used very nice, nothing unfilled or bare. Sometimes putting textures on clothes can be so hard because there are no crinkles or dents to show it’s actually on the clothes. Makes it look very unreal, so it’s good to be careful when putting so much on Kimonos or thinks that have structured lines. Other than that small tip, this is a very lovely wall.”


Well, what can I say? Congratulations to the two finalists who competed this round, and congratulations to sjade1, who has won herself the Kunie Kanbara ECHO artbook πŸ™‚ I’ll be in touch with you soon to get your address and stuff, and I will be able to mail it out sometime this week πŸ™‚ (It might vary though because the weather here is crap – I’ll let you know on the tracking number anyhow).

This is the final ladder and how much this competition has gone through πŸ™‚

Thanks once again!

I’ll be signing out leaving you to AP Clash –Β 

Once again I hope that you’re all inspired from a competition (something I felt nostalgic about) – and possibly if not the parapara then Minitokyo Knockout 2011? Haha – who knows. Let me what you think!

– Misa


13 Responses to “Final Round results, winners, judges, HELPers all revealed!”

  1. 1 Fran

    *cries a bit due the fact she won’t get the artbook*
    I stayed up to see this! This was such a wonderful contest, tons of gorgeous wallpapers came from here and that’s always appreciated. MT needed that quality boost πŸ˜‰
    Aside that…
    CONGRATULATIONS JAY! Can’t wait to fullview the entry 8)

    I might get into 2011’s knockout πŸ˜‰

  2. 2 Gaara

    Congrats to the winner, as I expected. πŸ˜‰ And not to mention other contestants who did awesome job making such creative entries each round.

    Awesome competition, Misa! Another Knockout would be fun too. =)

  3. Hurray!!! *sprinkles confetti about* Walling under themed/timed conditions is always tough, but there’s no denying the boost of quality that comes through. I actually feel kinda nostalgic now that it’s over lol πŸ˜‰

    Misa, just wanted to say a HUGE congrats. You did a fantastic job organizing MTK and it definitely was a big success! Thanks bunches for agreeing to judge Clash for us ❀ (A bit of shameless pimpage, if you haven't read misa's awesome Clash interview you NEED TO CHECK IT OUT:

    And of course, congrats to Jay – co-conspirator and waller extraordinaire! 8D

  4. Congrats to Jay! *throws cookies into the air*

    This has been fun to spectate and semi participate in. It really gets the creative juices going, so I shall have to try and join next year. πŸ˜›

  5. 6 Jay

    Thanks for the support everyone XD.

    I admit I’m a bit disappointed erikamirou couldn’t make it this round xp. Was looking forward to seeing her entry too.

    GREAT comp Misa :). Very motivational, and definitely inspiring. Like Flyin’ said, nothing like walling for a deadline to get things going!
    And I’m still getting over the fact that you organized all of this yourself – Flyin’ and I debate like crazy to organize AP Clash >_< you're amazing Misa!! *cookies for you*

  6. 7 ephie

    Amazing amazing!!

    Awesome showdown flyin and Jay! Congrats to you Jay for winning!

    Totally loving the second wall. Just the other day I was talking about crane (so that’s not called stork huh) and here it pops out. XD

    If there’s going to be MT Knockout 2011 I’d love to join, though I doubt I’ll be free then :C But thanks a lot Misa for hosting such an epic walling competition. This has been a fun ride, was nice to have started walling after so long. Great to keep the creative juice running πŸ˜€ Let’s hope we can do this again soon. In the parapara hopefully πŸ˜€

  7. 8 MapleRose

    Yay congrats to Jay!! *wonders if I should beg for scans… XD*

    Great job organizing the competition Misa! It actually forced me to wall in those months when I felt more like wasting time playing games than walling XD

  8. 9 Luna

    Yay, congrats! This was an awesome contest!

  9. 12 Hagane28

    Wow!! itΒ΄s over!! My laptop almost died, so I send it to be fixed, so until now I can see the competitionΒ΄s end. Nice work on all the organization misa-chan, IΒ΄ll be looking for the 2011 knockout!! I promise iΒ΄ll do my best (at least to pass to the 2nd round!!!) hahahaha. Anyway, congratulations to Sjade1 for her beautiful artwork on the final round!!

  1. 1 pixel ellipsis | Fly Away

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