It’s Round 4, the Final.


This is how the competition looks. I’ve added some information to the chart so you can see what happened in the past few months and how the competition came along.

As you all may have noticed, the score weapons have been crossed out for this round. I realised the -3 card does not work whatsoever, and the +3 card probably wasn’t so great for the final. However, there is the glorious help card there to help one extremely lucky participant – yes, that’s right – this round’s HELPer once again is a very sought after, masterpiece making machine. You’d all unanimously agree if I were to write the name of said HELPer, but I’ll reveal it after the competition is over.

And the theme is…

 Creating a widescreen wallpaper (and the rest of the normal stuff) but you must demonstrate the theme and include:

  • Theme: “Tell me Goodbye”
  • Origami patterns


No restriction on scans or whatsoever. Just it can no longer be Pixiv – so just demonstrate common sense XD

Sending out start PMs very soon, probably tomorrow (again) just to give you all some time to digest it. You’ll get 20 days from there on.

Looking forward to it!


6 Responses to “It’s Round 4, the Final.”

  1. 1 ephie

    Congrats to all winners! Whew, the final showdown, finally.

    Tell me goodbye and patterns wow! Now that sounds like a lot of fun daaamn. Now that just inpired me. 😀

    • 2 kmisa

      Lol you could always make something to this theme 8D Kekeke~

  2. 3 Tofu

    lol, I’m all curious about the helper now.
    I’m sad to see this contest ending soon… some really great walls have come out of it.

  3. 4 Jay

    *hurls a mochi into the air* (ノ´∀`*)ノ

  4. Congrats to the top 3 who made it to the final round.
    The theme “Tell Me Goodbye”…Reminds me of Big Bang’s song with the same title name. Or is that where the theme came from? xD

    Anyway good luck for the final round~

  1. 1 pixel ellipsis | Fly Away Teddy

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