Judging is hereby extended


Long story short – I kinda screwed up and I do NOT have enough feedback or distributions of scores to go around.

I’ve called in emergency services and fingers crossed I get an extra set or two of scores.

What does this mean? It means that scoring/ results will be delayed by an extra 72 hours, so if possible, come back in 3-4 days. It’ll be earlier if I can’t get those scores.

Sorry for the inconvenience guys! I just really want all the entries to have awesome comments and scores (which they already have), but I think you’d all appreciate some extra comments/ feedback. Thanks for your patience!


5 Responses to “Judging is hereby extended”

  1. 1 Jay

    Ah well, life is life. Thanks for the update Misa >D. Don’t stress it!

    • 2 kmisa

      Lol thanks Jay 🙂 Updates are always a good thing – I must have almost been dead since I haven’t resurfaced in a while ;D

  2. 3 saku

    Yay for more critiques XD
    I’m still curious how come there’s not enough feedback. Weren’t there quite a lot judges?

    • 4 kmisa

      There are usually 5 judges, but I only received feeback from 4. I’m not sure if that judge is just offline Minitokyo or just forgot about it, so I called in some extra judges in case if I don’t get that set. In any case, I’m probably going to add in my own comment to the lots, but I will not be scoring 😉

  3. 5 maplerose

    Lol “emergency services” XD

    nah, don’t worry about it, I can wait.

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