Round 3 Weapons


Hello again –

once again I have a video but I’m not posting it because err well, bandwidth issues OTL

dslassey: +3

sjade 1: -3

flyindreams: HELP

The dslassey vs sjade1 pairing results in no point advantage weapons for this round (+3-3=0).

Do not forget that there is a wildcard in this round – it could be YOUR opponent!

If the wildcard wins this round, they will proceed to the final and stay anonymous.
If the wildcard does not win this round, I’ll put you all out of your curiosity and announce who it was šŸ™‚

About 52.25 hours to go until the end of this round. Ganbatte and hope to see your entries soon! I’ve received 2/6 so far and they are looking gobsmacking giddy. Ta-ta!


One Response to “Round 3 Weapons”

  1. 1 saku

    Haha, well, the wildcard can’t be MY opponent, so can’t wait to hear who he/she is ā¤
    Yay me for not getting point deductions XD

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