Round 3 has not yet started, btw


Hello guys,

What happened was I was meant to start the round earlier, but as you all gather, I haven’t sent out a PM yet.

There are two reasons for being so:

  • Extra time for you to put some creative juices to work – this theme is not easy by any standards, and because it is the semi-final, I believe in quality as being the foremost priority so the entries can reflect the nature of the round and lift up the competition for judging.
  • One member (anonymous so far until the end of the round – ho ho ho) has pulled out of the competition and I am currently contacting the wildcard to fill in the spot.

Rest assured, as soon as I get the wildcard on board, the round will start, and I’ll do so by sending you all a PM.

Sorry for the delay, but on the other hand I think you will all appreciate a little bit more time 😉

– Misa ❤

EDIT: The Round has now started. I have filled in the spot with a wildcard.

Due date is the 27th May, 2010 GMT+11 Time ~4:30PM. Deductions will not be made until midnight. Submit after midnight on 28th May 2010 and there shall be a point deduction.

Remember to incorporate the theme and include scan links to me – judging will get tough – there are only 6 participants left. Good luck!


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