Round 2 Weapons


I’ve filmed the video, but I won’t be p0sting it up because I’m extremely tired.

I’m sorry for the late announcement – I was away from home for a night out, and then when I got home the next day I found that my laptop had been stolen along with a few other things. I had to deal with making a police report and then I left something behind with my friends so I ended up staying out, completely forgetting that I had to announce the weapons. So sorry about that!

sjade1 was the lucky recipient of the +3 card and will get a 3 point bonus onto the final score.
erikamirou received the -3 card, so kuryuki will receive 3 points off.
MapleRose has the HELP card.

Check your PM boxes – it’s all there. I’ll see you guys probably in another 20 hours or so.

Thanks and once again, very sorry for this late post!


5 Responses to “Round 2 Weapons”

  1. 1 ephie

    Ouch, I’m really sorry to hear that, Misa. Hopefully the thief/thieves will get divine retribution. ;D *hands cookie*

    And ouch for me too. X__X 14 hours left, I should really do some touching ups.

  2. 2 maplerose

    Wahhhh I hope the thief is found and you get your laptop back >___< I'd die if I lost mine ;__;

    • 3 kmisa

      Thanks Ephie and Maple 🙂

      They won’t ever catch them probably because they used gloves. It’s alright, but I’m appalled because I live VERY high up in a security complex. Luckily it’s my secondary computer or else I’d be screwed for uni, but the fact that I suddenly have to go out of pocket to replace something that was in almost new working condition kinda annoys me. Ah well. :\

  3. ah Misa, i’m so sorry to hear about the robbery. 😦 :leaves a rose:

    • 5 kmisa

      Thanks Lord Dream 🙂 I guess I’m just thankful nobody was hurt *phew*

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