Round 1 is officially OVER.



Judging will officially start tomorrow (I get free internets yusss) – so the results are on their way!

I like to juggle things around a bit. For this round I’ll be asking the HELPER to also judge (since the HELPER was keen on judging), but just for this round.

In response to the previous post, I’ll change the rules to -1 per day, -5 maximum for late submissions. Both submissions came in at the same time, 4 days late, so therefore they will each get -4 deduction. Which sounds about right and it’s pretty close to 5 marks taken off anyway.

Anyway, that’s just the filler post. Stay tuned for the results and I’ll see y’all soon!

I’ll contact the judges tomorrow to let them all know what they have to do. I’m aiming for at least one comment for each entry submitted, so you all should get some good feedback.


6 Responses to “Round 1 is officially OVER.”

  1. 1 Fran

    Glad you’ve got the entries, go peer pressure!!

    (orz, you might want to update the EDD link on the right part, we’ve changed the domain <3)

  2. 3 Tofu

    Ack, I just realized my photobucket bandwidth went over… do you need another copy of my walls or did you save them already?

    • 4 kmisa

      I’ve uploaded them already on a different server. I realised people uploaded the links from their account so it had their usernames in the address lololol – but yes, do not worry 🙂 I saved everyone’s work, and I’ve uploaded them myself 😉 Of course, after judging is over, they will be deleted.

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