Round 1 is closing… soon.


Hi all,

I’ve gotten quite a few queries on when Round 1 of Knockout ended and I’ve gotten questions ranging from how long judging would take to when the winners are announced, and even requests to see the entries.

I’m still waiting on 2 entries.

I’ve been brought to my attention that the deadline has been confusing – and I got confused myself. I realised I told people to submit on the Friday when I actually meant Saturday – so next time, I’ll try to find a code for a clock that counts down for wordpress.

The two late entries – they PMed me letting me know that their entries will be a day or two (though I’m guessing more like 3 or 4) days late. I really do not want to impose any late submission point deductions.

If you’re all cool with me not taking any marks off, let me know, otherwise, voice your opinion on this.

I’m aware that this could be unfair, but the only solution I can propose is just a three point flat rate reduction off the total score. I’d like to hear all your thoughts on this – I’d hate to take off any more marks because it’s not fair – as well not really “workable”. I realised that five points is too much when you’re marking out of 50, and there’s no way I’m going to remove any more than 5 marks since it’s not viable.

I really don’t want to punish late entries because of real life getting in the way or any technical issues that may arise – especially also because I was notified that the entries would be late.

On the lighter side – once all the entries are in, it’ll take typically 5-7 days for judging.

Sorry to keep you all a bit anxious and waiting – I didn’t want to specify the judging period because it’d obviously be shorter each round since the entries would have halved.

The current situation is that I am waiting on 2 entries, and as soon as I get those, judging will kick off.


21 Responses to “Round 1 is closing… soon.”

  1. 1 MapleRose

    A countdown clock thing would be cool to have: <- WP widget =D

    As for late penalties, what about 1 or 2 points per day for a maximum of 5 marks then? Because I don't think it's fair not to have late penalties either, because technically the late people have extra time to work on their walls….

  2. 2 Jay

    …And the people who did submit have to wait longer ><''

    I agree, a countdown clock would be very helpful XD I kept guestimating and refreshing my MT inbox with my fingers crossed xp

    • 3 qblue

      I agree. I just can’t wait to see all the shiny and this ppl sloow everything down. XD

  3. 4 kmisa

    Well alright then, I’ll just have to impose a maximum 5 mark deduction then – I would have probably thought it was okay if I got the entries by now (I think everyone would have been fine with that as long as it didn’t delay), but seeing it’s taking a bit longer than expected and people are asking me what’s going on, I suppose 5 points flat should do.

    And thanks x 1000 for the widget – I’ll play around with it now. If it appears to be counting down, do not fret – I’m just putting it up to see if it works XD

    EDIT/ Free wordpress does not allow countdown javascript thingos OTL – I’ll figure it out somehow. *shakes fist at wordpress*

    • I can host this if you want so that you can add what you need widget wise. I set up WordPressesses. . . all the time, so it’s no trouble.

    • Yeah, agree with everyone. I mean, it was spelled out very clearly in the contest rules that late submissions would get deducted, and it isn’t fair that everyone else who did submit on time has to wait.

      I’d venture to add on to Maple’s -1 point/day suggestion that if you still haven’t received the late walls five days after the initial deadline, and you’ve done everything in your power with PM checking in, bugging, begging and what have you, just ignore and go ahead with judging. Or else you could potentially be waiting a long, long time for those two entries. As you pointed out, after you take off the full five points chances of late submissions actually winning would probably be pretty slim. Also I think it’s fair to say that the lateness thing usually gets worse as these types of competition proceeds xD At some point you have to cut your losses and remember that you have wild cards for a reason >:3

    • I do seem to remember free wordpress not allowing widgets xD; I can also offer hosting in a pinch, but there is a low-tech solution! Not quite as elegant but very workable, is just to post the deadline in MM/DD/YYYY + hh:mm GMT format – with a link to xD

      /end spam

      • 8 kmisa

        That could be a good way – screw embedding and just html link it – puahaha >:3

  4. Dock the points! It’s not fair otherwise. 😑

  5. 10 kmisa


  6. 14 kmisa

    Lol thanks for the feedback everyone. It’ll be -1 mark per day with a maximum of 5 marks. That should be alright. I’ll wait another 2 days or something and then I’ll get the judges to go ahead πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the hosting offers too guys! Apparently though if I make a new page on WordPress I can actually embed a timer thingy, so I’ll see how that goes >:3

    And I know which emote it was hehehe – I always type that emote but for some reason wordpress has to associate it with a lame looking angsty one >_> Bah!

  7. 15 bromithia

    The fact that there’s only two late wallpapers is actually surprising to me, lol. Seems like with every other competition I’ve been a part of, there are sooo many wallers who just give up and never turn anything in. But yes, like flying said, the wildcards are in place for a reason! To the couple who haven’t submitted their wallpapers yet: get a move on it so we can all get results faster, please! πŸ˜€

  8. a few thoughts: on the timer suggestion from the peanut gallery (hehe jk)- yes; looking back it may have been ideal but misa clearly stated 18 days from the initial email message. it’s not really that hard to view the message within the first few days and calculate the due date to the exact hour. i did. if you did a timer next time just use hours not times etc. i.e 432 hours… 431 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds…. et al.

    re: the lateness. i have to agree about docking points (maybe 3) since the wildcards really have an effect and although i’m not personally affected here if someone has a -3 card already and their combatant submits late and isn’t hit with a 3 point reduction that isn’t fair.

    lady misa: let me know- i can bring out the scalding hot cauldron or perhaps the guillotine. of course there is also the fish tank filled with piranha.

  9. 17 saku

    I say -5 pts because the weapons *cough*whichiconsiderunfair*cough* are 3 point based.
    So the lateness punishment should be stricter, deadlines are a bitch but most of us did their best and reached them ❀

  10. 18 kuryuki

    well i think maybe -2 to -3 deduction since otherwise it’s not fair for those who submitted on time *cough*because submitting on time sometimes causes people to not completely finish*cough*

  11. I agree with Maple’s -1 point/day suggestion, with a maximum of 5…
    Most of us sent the work on time, we had 18 days to work and no more. This two people who are late are having extra time now so….;___;

  12. 20 Salva

    Everything about late submissions have been said so I don’t have anything to say regarding this matter but I would like to know one thing. Would YOU show contest wallpapers to others? Or would you let us put it in our accounts and then give a link? I’m asking cause I would prefer to put my own wallpaper myself.

    • 21 kmisa

      Regarding this, I think I’m going to resize everyone’s work to a thumbnail about 500 pixels wide and put them up on this wordpress. This is to encourage you all to upload the entries to Minitokyo. Once the gallery item has been submitted, I’ll link the thumbnail to the Minitokyo url so people will download it via Minitokyo πŸ™‚

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