Round 1 FAQs


Alright, I’ve received a few questions and I figured they might or might not apply to you all, so I’m going to throw them up onto this post. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I’ll be updating this post constantly so keep a look out 🙂

Q: Where can I find the rules and scoring? How evident does the theme have to be?

The rules, scoring and other info is organised along the top of the wordpress top menu navigation bar. They’ll always be there – check the score marking criteria/ distribution if in doubt. The theme should ideally be recognisable at first glance. The easiest way is just to include the text (or part of the theme title as text) in your wallpaper somewhere. Not saying it’s the best way, but if it helps you, go for it. Just because you add the theme into the wallpaper as text, it doesn’t make the wallpaper less surprising or more cliche – it depends on how you do it, so it’s worth thinking about.

Q: Are stock images and vector brushes etc allowed?

Yes 🙂 The only things that you’re essentially not allowed to use are source images that are modified already – this means vector/ trace art. Original member art, Indy Art, Doujinshi (fan art in general) is allowed because I’m giving you all the option of using it if you want to promote a less popular series or artwork or whatever. However if you’re just using base images and brushes and stuff, go for it – these are not classified as source scans 🙂

Q: Are we allowed to ask for theme clarifications?

Yes 🙂 When I get back home from uni lol – I’m off now.

Q: Is there a rule about who you can and can’t ask to crit walls?

In general, please exercise common sense and etiquette when approaching someone to help crit your work – send them a PM first asking them if they have time or not. Only when your chosen candidate says “yes, please go ahead”, THEN send your wallpaper in progress to them.

I understand that some wallers are extremely busy in real life and they might decline the offer – on their behalf(ves :P) I apologise, but I can totally understand where they’re coming from.

Some wallers are extremely popular and actually might get not one, but more than one Knockout participant PMing them for help! To keep this fair, it’s up to the crit-er to determine whether or not they have the time to distribute equal attention to each member, and in some case, they may say no to everyone to keep things fair. Please understand them and treat them gently ❤

So please, PM just asking first – and if they say yes, go for it! If not, try to keep searching – there are loads of excellent wallers out there who are not competing in this competition 🙂

Q: Do I have to submit my wallpaper to Minitokyo after the round is over?

Yes, but do not submit it to the galleries until AFTER the results of the round have been released. We want to keep this competition fair – and to do so, all the entries must be unmarked and anonymous so the judges don’t know who you are. The judges are from Minitokyo, so if you submit it to the galleries, it defeats the purpose! Please wait until the results are released before you submit to Minitokyo (or wherever you choose to submit). This includes posting up your entries on your own personal websites and/ or blogs!

Q: Can I submit with a signature or does it have to be kept anonymous?

You PM me 2 copies – one with a signature, and one without (anonymous). I use the anonymous copy to show to the judges and it will be used for judging. I don’t mind if you submit a smaller version of your actual wallpaper (eg- you made it in a large resolution but decide to submit it in 1920×1200) – that’s fine and your choice. But  remember to send me 2 copies. If you don’t, I’ll cross out your signature, which might not look pretty.

Q: Clarification of the theme: does it have to be my personal world?

No – feel free to go nuts 😀 It can be anyone’s world. I wrote in the post below that it could be your own world or the world of the chosen scan character. As long as we can tell what the theme is from first glance, you’re free to do whatever you wish – the theme is very flexible. One of my suggestions is to actually include the text into the wallpaper IF it helps your wallpaper/ makes it better. Remember, adding the theme as text does NOT make your wallpaper more cliche or less surprising – most likely it will be how you use the text and what the content of the wallpaper is. Text has the tendency to set an entirely different interpretation or impact on an image, so consider using typography – if it helps of course.

Q: Are we allowed to submit our submissions with descriptions, or does the theme have to be worked into the wall?

I think to make everything nice (logistic-wise), descriptions will not be accepted, so try to work the theme into the wall as best as you can to make it obvious 🙂

I’ll be updating the rules and PMing this out. If there are any more, I’ll add them to the list in the days to come. Sorry for forgetting to mention stuff – it just slipped my mind at the time x_x


3 Responses to “Round 1 FAQs”

  1. 1 saku

    Helpful ^3^
    How about… after all the entries are submitted, in how many days will the results be posted?

    • 2 kmisa

      I’m waiting on 4 more entries so there will be a slight delay.

      It’s really just until all the judges get their scores in, really. I’ll try to say ideally 5-7 days 🙂

      • 3 saku

        Woa, talk about super fast replies XD
        I see… too bad for the ones late then, -5 pts sound painful.
        Thanks ^3^

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