Welcome to Minitokyo Knockout: Round 1 Draw and theme


Welcome to Knockout everyone! I am your host and I’m here for (attempted) comedic relief.

Ratings disabled on failsauce draw video – I keep getting them out of order… PS: I do NOT look like this usually. This is just an extreme disguise <_<

It’s not necessary to watch the video – it’s just there for fun and to show how the process works 🙂 Here is the complete lineup of Round 1. Feel free to post in each other’s guestbooks and blackmail each other (in a friendly way of course !) – hehehehe.

Chloe-chan vs chrisp
multiple-papercuts vs MapleRose
vs kuryuki
vs Regenbogen
vs Valuna
vs dslassey
Ephemeral-Garden vs DREAM
queerisblue vs sjade1
Sakura-Dust vs Rebel-Soul-Kaze
sailorchiron vs bromithia
DontBelong vs flyindreams
Gid vs DarthTofu

This is a pretty lethal line up.

I highlighted to differentiate between different blocks of wallers, so you know who you are possibly up against in the second round >:3 *adds moar pressure*


Round 1 theme: “WELCOME TO MY WORLD”

This theme is deliberately broad (but narrow enough of course). From the gibberish in my video, this is what I roughly said:

You don’t need to include the text in your wallpaper – as long as it (the theme) shows, it should be OK. You just have to submit a widescreen wallpaper (minimum dimensions on this wordpress site under rules) – you don’t have to submit it in the same ratio, as long as it’s widescreen and larger than those dimensions. You can use pretty much any scan from any series from wherever you want – as long as you don’t nick someone else’s vector art or trace art.

The theme is free for interpretation. It can be a reflection of your own world, or the world of the scan you’ve chosen.

Be creative, and do not pick the first idea that pops into your head (unless it’s awesomesauce then go for it hohohoho).

What I generally do is get out a pen and paper and do a rough thumbnail sketch – I’m not suggesting you follow this, but if you think this might be a handy tip, by all means, please go for it.

Remember to check your wallpaper constantly (set it as your desktop background, view it at 100% size, show it to your friends or siblings in real life) and you can find a friend (in real life or on Minitokyo, dA or AP or wherever you choose) to critique your work constructively. You can put it up in the Sandbox forum, but I’m going to advise that you should keep your entry away from public. This is to refrain people from seeing a cool idea and then translating it onto their work (trust me, people sometimes do it unknowingly) and this will drag down the WOW factor anyway if a judge happens to see your work in the progressing stages.

Check the judging criteria and you can rate yourselves. If you’re strong in a particular area, go for gold! As a hint, make sure you scoop maximum marks for execution (nothing beats a technically unflawed entry), but also try to be a little creative because the rest of the marks are focused around originality – this should take up the majority of your time.

Like in my previous competition, the competition starts from the time I send you all out the Minitokyo PM.

Check your inbox constantly – as soon as the time mark on the Minitokyo PM says “18 days ago 2 weeks 4 days ago” (or as Maple wrote more correctly, “2wk 4d“), your time is up! That’s the deadline!

Where to find the time/date stamp. Click on the above image for a larger view.

How will I know if an entry’s late or not? Don’t forget what you see in your inbox is what I see in my outbox >:3 I’ll know the date stamp, trust me. So don’t delete the Round PMs I send out!

This round will go for 18 days because I’m not sure how many people are active on Minitokyo, so I’m giving a few extra days in case if people log in a bit late – so that’s 2.5 weeks for you all to make a nice wallpaper :3


How to submit your entry

Please PM me on Minitokyo (PM subject something appropriate like ROUND1 – use your own judgement, even “YAY \o/” will do :3) with 2 image files – 1 with your signature, the other without.

If you don’t submit the entry without the signature, I’m going to scribble it out on Photoshop for you – not really a great idea because it might not look nice depending on what your entry is. You can upload the entries via imageshack, Photobucket, your personal server (this is why wordpress and blogspot is awesome – they let you upload and you don’t have to put them onto your blog or anything) – that’s up to you as long as you make sure the image server doesn’t go bust by the time we try to look at your entry.

Do not write a description for your entry – descriptions will not be allowed/ accepted to nudge you all into working the theme into your entries!

Do not submit your entry anywhere on the Internet publicly visible (eg. your blog, website, Minitokyo or an anime community or forum) until the round results and next theme has been announced!! This is to keep your entry anonymous for judging – this is a CRUCIAL point to remember! I highly suggest that Knockout judges stay away from perusing the Minitokyo galleries at the conclusion of a round in case if someone forgets about this.

Yes, you can submit your entry early! This is ideal as things can screw up. Try to avoid sending too close to 17 days 23 hours – “2wk 3d”- (I think it’s best that you remember the time you received the PM in your own local time) – I am issuing penalties for late submissions – and if Minitokyo goes wrong – EEP.

Yes, you can submit more than once as long as it’s before the deadline! If you find any major booboos, I understand. Just shoot me another PM.

What do I do if Minitokyo is down?! Email me your entries: kuroimisa@gmail.com This is ONLY if Minitokyo is down and not functioning.



From my video, I said that I’d draw out the weapons in a separate video. As you know from the weapons page, I only publicly announce who the weapon holders are 3 days before the end of the deadline (so when the PM says 2wk 1d, I’ll make an announcement).

I’ll PM all those members who got a weapon and let them know what they got.

In the meantime everyone is free to brag about it, or lie about getting one – I won’t confirm or deny any claims until I announce who really did get them 😀


Leave a comment if you have any questions – or a comment where I can see it lol. I generally respond very fast to wordpress. Email notifs FTW.


PS: This is the spirit everyone should have. ❤

No more posts saying “zomg I might be knocked out!” replace that thinking with “YEAH IMMA KICK SOME WALLPAPER BUTTOCKS!”

YEAH! \o/


41 Responses to “Welcome to Minitokyo Knockout: Round 1 Draw and theme”

  1. …dang this theme is effin’ hard > _>


  3. Wow, your room is so awesome (the mirror wall)!

    This is so exciting! I’m going to get knocked out so soon, lol!!

    • 6 kmisa

      Haha thanks XD
      Oh and don’t say that XD MapleRose is a tough cookie to beat, but anything’s possible :3

  4. 7 MapleRose

    Yay it starts!! The theme is so abstract XDD

    btw the MT PM will use weeks instead of days once it’s over 7 days old, so it’ll day 2wk 4d ago for 18 days. Also, once it gets that old, it won’t be detailed (ie it won’t tell you the minutes and hours… so be careful when it gets to 2wk 3d because it might just turn into 2wk 4d before you notice XD

    • 8 kmisa

      D: Thanks for letting me know, Maple! I’ll change that now D:

  5. 9 Jay

    Awesomeness >D thanks for the post Kuroimisa!

  6. 11 RSK

    Aw…that theme is hard D: …and my opponent is so good…i have to put an extra effort i want to face brom in next round ~

    • 12 kmisa

      Heheheh – but if it’s any incentive, brom also has to put in extra effort to get to see you in the next round OH OH OH OH ❤

  7. 13 Tofu


  8. …and yeah the line up is lethal indeed < _< *keels over*

  9. 17 RSK

    Tough cookie 😛 the deadline and the opponent, remember that im like and old cranky granparent

  10. MAN UP! I won’t have no lily-livered opponents!

  11. Misa, I’m almost done watching your video right now and it is pure win xD Thanks for putting the time and effort into making it XD

    Gid, the only thing I will say to you is – *Mokona flop*

  12. 24 bromithia

    That video was great. Thank you so much for putting all of the time and effort into this, hopefully it turns out to be a lot of fun! The theme is a bit tricky, but I think I’ll be able to conjure something up in time. Good luck to everyone competing!

  13. 25 kmisa

    Aww thanks guys XD I still think the video is made of failsauce lol… S comes before R T__T

  14. 26 RSK

    For the rest of the days of MT…everybody will remember that video as: the one made of pure WIN 😀

  15. >u< thank you for the time put into the vid xD that is one broad but tough theme -goes back into the shadow to think-

    xD that mirror wall is so cool

  16. 28 Dream

    great job lady misa. ^^ your video isn’t “failsauce”.. 🙂 it brings a lot to the contest.. i like this theme better than the original one. more latitude but still direct, for sure.

    :heads back to the cave to search for battle tachi and kusari-gama:
    time to prepare to get some “killing” done. mwahhh

  17. 29 Tofu

    btw, Gid… Your goin’ DOWN, brotha.

  18. 30 Saku

    Ohohoho~ perfect theme, I had a wall sort of like this planned for months XD
    I just gotta cast aside this laziness ;_____;


  20. 34 Dev

    This is a fun theme, yo.

    Time for this old dinosaur to dish out a wallpaper.

    See you kiddies at the finish line. ;D



  22. 36 chrispy

    oi oi i didn’t see that i could comment here =__= stupiiid…
    anyway your vid is so kawaii /// thou i couldnt understand everything you said…bahhh my english is so bad i notice everytime i see you guys talk O_O…school is shit for giving me wrong inspections…=3=

    anyway that ways so random….back to business!!!

    i’ll try my best… CHLOE watch out for the chrispy chicken bwahahahaha…so yea that was the crazy me ~goes back to my secret place to think about my evil plan for my wall~

  23. ah you named yourself after “krispy chicken”… i was wondering about that. should incorporate that into your wall- im sure that has never been done before.. 😉 little less than 2 weeks to go……. btw- curious how peoples got the avatar thingies… i dig the patterns though. forgive the spammage.

    • 38 kmisa

      Lol, the avatars are probably because those members have an actual wordpress account and uploaded an avatar (I think). I don’t have one myself… but that’s because I’m still trying to figure out how to use wordpress… after about 8 months of using this site >_>

    • 39 melodichard

      Mine is changed cos I have a gravatar.com account. I think if you make one then whenever you use your email to make posts on certain sites you’ll have the avatar of your choice.. pretty nifty.

  24. Teh Bromson is correct. Just go sign up for Gravatar and it’ll magically work with your email. 8D

  1. 1 pixel ellipsis | Welcome to My World

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