Knockout will start very, very soon.


Hello participants, lurking judges and helpers! 😀

This is going to be my last “spam” blog post for the meantime, because I have a feeling Knockout is going to launch very soon.

I’m waiting on just 2 confirmations, and straight after that, I’ll be drawing out the names, uploading it onto Youtube, announcing the Round 1 theme and posting right here (and on the Minitokyo thread) – so keep your eyes peeled!

I’ve sent PMs to all the members who have enlisted (your name should be on the right side bar under “Contestants”), PMs to all the judges (with their individual alias), and confirmation to all helpers. Wildcards also would have been notified.

We’re going for the shorter layout – so 4 rounds only! It’s largely because I happened to get the EXACT numbers for judges and helpers, so there wasn’t any room to shift between jobs as the number was just right. In the meantime while I wait for confirmation, I’m going to try film a preliminary video and type up the Round requirements draft.

See you very very soon!

EDIT/ Scoring rules updated

Oh, and I’ve decided on the exact scoring now 🙂

The scores will all be added up from each judge, and an average will be taken. Then the scores will be adjusted if you got a weapon in/ against your favour. Everyone gets a score out of 50.

Simplesauce! I don’t want to complicate things too much. I’ve already filmed the video for drawing out the names (huhuhuhu), now I’m hoping those 2 go ahead or I’ll have to refilm >_< Blargh. Anyway, see you all!


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