Important additions to the rules and definition of Indy Art


Sorry for the random spammage (this blog is for updates), but it occurred to me that while I wrote that entries must satisfy the Policy, I realised that there would be some loophole-age involved.

Entries must be made by the participant, and are NOT collaborations with other people.

It sounds pretty straight forward, but I also realised that when I said that source images / scans may be taken from the Indy Art/ Doujinshi section, I’ll clarify that this does not include trace/ vector art. Participants are not to use other members’ (or anyone else’s for that matter) vector or trace art for the purposes of this competition. You must make your own. The images you may take from deviantART or wherever you choose that are “Indy Art/ Doujinshi” must be fan art, not trace art.

Hopefully this might clarify a few things. I’ll add this onto the rules page soon.


Only 4 more participants are required for Minitokyo Knockout 2010 to go ahead.

This competition can actually start at any time, as soon as we get the numbers. For a brief recap on the progress so far:

  • 20 participants have been recruited so far
  • 5 judging positions are filled
  • 5 HELPER02s are available
  • 2 Wildcards are on standby

So we’re really just waiting for participants! I shall do another bout of PM spammage (if I find any new names I haven’t inbox molested spammed yet) soon, but hopefully we’ll find 4 within the next week.

If you haven’t already, check this site regularly! All the latest updates will be here because I don’t want to clutter the recruitment thread šŸ™‚ Either bookmark this page for your convenience, or there’s the subscribe button at the bottom of the page šŸ˜€ Until next random update!

PS: I’ll update the rules probably tomorrow. Tired >_>


3 Responses to “Important additions to the rules and definition of Indy Art”

  1. There space for one more? I’d be plenty interested. (:

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