Prize has arrived!


Hey guys, I got the prize in the mail!

Because I’m lazy and I didn’t want to take photographs and such (composition, upload, upload again, code Dx) I just took a video LOL.

Excuse my Australian accent. And if you’re wondering, yes, my accent is Australian – the accent’s never as strong and outlandish as you see on TV.

I’ll be posting up a video when I draw out the first round matches, so you can see the process. You don’t have to watch the videos lol, but I figured it’s fun, a bit like WORLD CUP SOCCER BUT ONLINE – 8D

Anyway, that’s that.

Lucky thing too, because this morning I found the artbook tucked into someone else’s mailbox – but luckily I was nosy and took a look at it and it was MINE?! Big sigh of relief. Now that also explains why I’ve been getting lost mail for the past year or so >_>

The artbook is lovely! Watch video – erm, I feel like ordering a copy for myself lol. And if you were wondering, the book was not plastic shrink wrapped and it’s brand new.

Last but not least you guys might not have caught what I was saying (crank up the volume!) – but all of the scans are 2 landscape A4 sized scans lol – so yeah.

Anyway, enjoy!

Oh, also, for those who know me and my calcium, I got this youtube video via a friend who also caught onto my calcium obsession:

The title of this video/song is an attempted performance of “Drink milk!” performed via base guitar (in brackets, “this is awful”)

So yeah, if you know anyone who would be interested in participating, let them know – we have a few spots left open and the artbook is up for grabs! See ya in March 🙂

(Those were my final words on the video, in case if I sounded like mumble, lol).


4 Responses to “Prize has arrived!”

  1. Your accent’s cool, what’re you talking about? :p
    And the book looks awesome *drools* +_+
    Now that you’ve got a banner ready I can start spamming peoples…

  2. 3 Tofu

    Lol about the lost mail. Sorry about it actually happening, though. Hahaha.

    • 4 kmisa

      Haha, it’s kinda funny in retrospect >:3 But lucky call… can’t believe they put it in the wrong mailbox D:

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