It’s decided: it’s a 24 person contest


Hello again everyone – as you can check, there are currently 18 19 confirmed contestants, which is well over the 16 participants mininum. Hopefully brom will enter D: *adds pressure* And if so we only need 5 more people 🙂

Round 1 theme has been decided.

Obviously I can’t let you all know what it is now, but I received this post on the forum thread from Lord DREAM, asking this:

just curious about one thing- as far as the “source material” is concerned- is it Kunie Kanbara or some1 else and or will all wallers have a certain scan to use. or will it simply be an assigned theme and the wallers pick their own scan to work with.

Answer: I’ll update this in the rules, but the scans you can use will vary each round. In the early rounds, there’s a lot of freedom – instead, I’ll have a theme to restrict you. In the later rounds, there’s very little freedom in the choice of scan, but I’ll broaden the theme. So if you think about it, it gets harder as the rounds go on.

So for a list of examples of possible themes I’d give, they could be:

  • Take any scan from anywhere and wall this theme…
  • Take any scan from the Yoshiyuki Sadamoto gallery and wall it for this theme…
  • Take any scan from a category with less than 15 wallpapers and wall it for this theme…
  • Take any scan from a category with less than 5 scans and wall it for this theme…
  • Wall this scan and wall it for this theme…

So as you can see, that’s roughly the order of complexity as the competition goes on.

You can use scans, or you can use doujinshi/ Indy – either created by you or someone else.

I’m allowing Indy art into this competition because I understand some people might have their own preferences and interests. But please, when you use someone else’s Indy Art, make sure to ask them for their permission first, or else you’ll find yourself in a sticky situation when you try to post it up.

Hopefully this will give you all some insight – and yes, Round 1 will have no gallery restriction. It’s free choice of scan.

Now just waiting on 5 more contestants and I can launch this baby >:3

On the note about the artbook, it should be coming within the next few days. I’ll post up pics… or even a video? D:

EDIT/ Please don’t run off and start on a submission rofl – there’s a very specific theme. You won’t be able to guess it unless if you make a wall for every singly possible theme! 😉


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