Banners are finally up!


MapleRose kindly made a banner (which you can grab from the recruitment thread), but I made up 2 myself of two different sizes – one larger and one smaller (which can actually be used as a signature, I imagine). Maple’s banner actually uses the cover of ECHO for her banner, whereas my ones are using a scan from RESET. Either way, they’ll all Kunie Kanbara – so choose whichever you prefer 🙂

Feel free to use these banners – visit the thread if you need to grab the coding 🙂 I apologise for the great delay in producing these, but still, I got there XD


For those who realised, the thread has now been moved to the Art category of the Minitokyo forums, so if you can’t find it, it’ll be in there, and no longer in group announcements!


Today I woke up to our 16th participant signing up (well there are 2 provisional slots that may or may not go ahead), so recruitment is still open. We can get this up to 24 slots!

I might send another round of PMs soon (I just did one small round) to active wallers. Please let your friends know about this competition and hopefully we’ll get up to 24 participants signed up 🙂 Use the banners however you like, and I’ll keep you all posted! Still early stages of planning and I bet there are a few hidden lurkers about. We’ll get this rolling by the end of March 🙂


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