Recruitment Fever


There is currently only 1 judging spot left for Minitokyo Knockout!

I’m considering depending on the response that I may increase the number of judges. But yes, only 1 more spot!

All 5 judging positions are now filled. But yeah, more spots may be opened if people are happy to judge!


Each round there is a HELP card. Each Round, the HELP card member changes.
I’m also changing the rules – you may only use your HELP card ONCE.

This is to force members to use their HELP cards wisely. I think the HELPers will go nuts if there’s unlimited usage lol.


Boosting recruitment numbers

Thanks to JUDGE04’s advice, I went and browsed the recent Minitokyo galleries (including the Kunie gallery) for potential participants.

I sent out not 3 as it says on my userpage, but 4 bouts of mass PM spammage to active (or so I thought until I realised I went a bit too far back into the gallery pages Dx) wallers on Minitokyo. Please let your friends know about the competition if you think it may interest them! Feel free to forward the PM. 
If you’re not interested at all, sorry for PM-ing! Simply disregard the PM 🙂

If you’re wondering why recruitment rates are being boosted, it’s most likely because people have been receiving my PMs >:3


Banners will be coming up within the next 30 hours or so from now. As you can all see on the top right there’s a preliminary super ugly 5 minute banner that I racked up. I will post again here with the code for you to copy and paste if you want to spread some banner love 🙂 I need a solid name for this competition. I think Minitokyo Knockout 2010 (tagline: ONE WINNER. ONE PRIZE) is sufficient for this purpose.

Keep your eyes peeled also for MTM#22 – this competition will be advertised. Hopefully by then recruitment numbers have risen 🙂 The recruitment is obviously still young in its initial stages since this competition launches mid/end March 2010.



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