Hello all – I’m going to do this in a reverse fashion and reveal who all the judges are and helpers FIRST – scroll down for the entries right at the bottom.

Sorry for the late compilation of scores – I thought that Minitokyo had a downtime but it turns out it’s just my Internet being weird. I had a few net problems, but I’m here now 🙂

A few words of appreciation, thanks and comments

I hope that everyone had fun! I’d like to thank all the participants for putting up with my crap, and special thanks for the judges and HELPers who volunteered 🙂 In fact I would like to thank everyone who replied to my invitation at the beginning of the contest 🙂 Last but not least I’d like to thank spectators too for their support and for following the competition. I really hope that you all enjoyed Mt Knockout while it was here – perhaps we might have one for 2011? I don’t know, you let me know 🙂

And I’m super sorry I still haven’t gotten around to linking your entries to Minitokyo *hits self on head* – but I WILL do it by the end of this week.

HELPers revealed…

Well, I made a big deal about the HELPers and if you didn’t use your HELP card, it’s time for you now to possibly cringe at missing your chance!

ROUND1 HELPer was Kritty (so chrisp, you missed out!) – however, Kritty judged for Round 1 as a guest judge.

ROUND2 HELPer was fukushuusha, who helped MapleRose get through her round.

ROUND3 HELPer was trofikabinet – HELP card wasn’t used in this round, so trofi judged for Round 3 as a guest judge.

ROUND4 HELPer was Deto15 – HELP card wasn’t used (it was up for grabs) 🙂

Thank you so much to all of you – you were all awesome and I cannot thank you enough just for volunteering 🙂


There were 2 wildcards: fukushuusha and xRedPhoenix (Phoenix participated in ROUND3, replacing dslassey).


In alphabetical order, here were the 5 judges who consistently judged every single round, and put up with my horrible organisation (sorry/thanks XD):






Thanks all for taking time out of your very busy schedules and lives to score and write comments – I really appreciate it 🙂


And so here’s the nail biting part of it. The entries.

The theme was “Tell me Goodbye” – (@chibimisao – well yes, it was sort of inspired by Big Bang’s song ;)) – but it was up for free interpretation. Origami patterns must be included.

There were 3 finalists: erikamirou, flyindreams and sjade1. erikamirou pulled out due to school work, so it became a duel between two fierce wallers!

In alphabetical order:


WOW (5): 2.7
TECH (15): 10.3
CREA(15): 10.2
THEME (15): 9.8
TOTAL (50): 33

“Well, I don’t know what to say about this one, I liked the way the wave is positioned and the buildings too. It’s great! But didn’t get my atention, like, the blue didn’t match well.” 

“I am not wholy convinced by the message and tone set here. The clean, archetectural lines create a more modern look, but on the whole it seems more like a mock up than an actual wall. A better color scheme would work to differentiate your objects and give the wall more depth. Try more color differentiation, especially between the “center objectt (waves, buildings etc) and the sky–this will help draw attention towards the corner. Additionally, more vivacious lineart would add movement while getting rid of your jagged edges.”

“I enjoy the empty space and simple gradient and vector. I also love the mix of stock images to produce a contemporary look. However, certain parts look unfinished – which kind of made this piece rather bland compared to the other entry. Great job anyway.”

“Not sure exactly how this fits with the theme… Interesting overall look though. I like the patterns used in the wave as well as the “transparent” buildings, but not sure about having so much empty blue space to the left.”

” I like the look of this, though I don’t see a clear message. The cranes blend so well, I didn’t even know there was cranes until I had read/full viewed the wall. I personally think the wall could’ve used alot more work and detail to make the theme more obvious, it all just blends together and nothing really sparks forward. That being said, it’s still very creative and interesting. It was worth the full view to understand better.”


WOW (5): 4
TECH (15): 12.1
CREA(15): 12.2
THEME (15): 12.9
TOTAL (50): 41.2

“It’s really impressive, the way the textures were used to give more life to the wall and the composition itself is really gorgeous. It’s amazing!”

“While seemingly simple, this wall is actually much more complex, with rich textures and well-thoughtout execution. The birds create movement against the character for an interesting story, while the patterns are perfectly balanced for a subtle but appealing look. Only complaint is the lineart on the clothing, which seems too straight and thin against the hard edges of the paper-torn background.”

“I love the classic approach here, and the combination of textures and patterns really worked well. I’m not sure if the pattern you used on the background matches the look. But all in all, beautiful portrayal on the theme and very neat job as a whole.”

“Overall, WOW! Great use of origami textures. I also like how the theme ties in with the releasing of the cranes.”

“I love the concept between the crane and the women, I do think alot of people would be confused looking at it. However I clearly saw the theme and interpreted the sense of a story almost immediately. The textures are used very nice, nothing unfilled or bare. Sometimes putting textures on clothes can be so hard because there are no crinkles or dents to show it’s actually on the clothes. Makes it look very unreal, so it’s good to be careful when putting so much on Kimonos or thinks that have structured lines. Other than that small tip, this is a very lovely wall.”


Well, what can I say? Congratulations to the two finalists who competed this round, and congratulations to sjade1, who has won herself the Kunie Kanbara ECHO artbook 🙂 I’ll be in touch with you soon to get your address and stuff, and I will be able to mail it out sometime this week 🙂 (It might vary though because the weather here is crap – I’ll let you know on the tracking number anyhow).

This is the final ladder and how much this competition has gone through 🙂

Thanks once again!

I’ll be signing out leaving you to AP Clash – http://projects.pixel-ellipsis.net/apclash10/ 

Once again I hope that you’re all inspired from a competition (something I felt nostalgic about) – and possibly if not the parapara then Minitokyo Knockout 2011? Haha – who knows. Let me what you think!

– Misa

Sorry guys for the delay. I’ve been having some Internet issues as of late. I’ll put the results up very soon in the next 24 hours. See you all then!

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Round4 is over.


Hi guys,

Sorry for the slight delay, but I declare Round 4 is now over.

Check this space in the next 10 days or so – 🙂 I’ll start judging now 😉

This is how the competition looks. I’ve added some information to the chart so you can see what happened in the past few months and how the competition came along.

As you all may have noticed, the score weapons have been crossed out for this round. I realised the -3 card does not work whatsoever, and the +3 card probably wasn’t so great for the final. However, there is the glorious help card there to help one extremely lucky participant – yes, that’s right – this round’s HELPer once again is a very sought after, masterpiece making machine. You’d all unanimously agree if I were to write the name of said HELPer, but I’ll reveal it after the competition is over.

And the theme is…

 Creating a widescreen wallpaper (and the rest of the normal stuff) but you must demonstrate the theme and include:

  • Theme: “Tell me Goodbye”
  • Origami patterns


No restriction on scans or whatsoever. Just it can no longer be Pixiv – so just demonstrate common sense XD

Sending out start PMs very soon, probably tomorrow (again) just to give you all some time to digest it. You’ll get 20 days from there on.

Looking forward to it!


</lame reference ._.>

Alright, so what happened was that I got not 5, not 6, but SEVEN judges to judge and score this round. I also gave everyone a comment, but I did NOT score.

This is such a tough cookie – I can’t believe this is happening >_<

FYI the wildcard place was in dslassey’s place versing against sjade1.

dslassey pulled out due to school work, so I called in the wildcard.

And don’t forget – no cards were used this round! The +3 and -3 cancelled each other out, and flyindreams did not use  her HELP card 😉



WOW (5): 2.4
TECHNICAL (15): 9.1
CREATIVITY (15): 9.9
THEME/LOOK (15): 11.6
TOTAL (50): 33

A simple-looking and neatly done art-nouveau wall. I think it looks good enough with how you designed the frame and such. I enjoy the different background on both sides, to relate to both Pokemons. I also like the bold lines around the subjects and the rich colours you’ve used. Although it’d be more complete if you add some text on the frame.

This wall relies on a more simplistic interpretation of art nouveau, which can function well. However, the thick. monotonous and all-too-dark lineart clash with the elegance of the artform. The colors are also much too saturated to work well within the theme. A change in color scheme and lineart would have made this a much stronger contender.

The outlining is also very neat and clean. Good job of expanding on the original images that you used. A nice wall overall but kind of underwhelming at this stage in the competition.

Very delightful combination, I like how it shows half of each Pokemon’s element. Has a very cartoony feel to it, would’ve been alot more interesting to see it more on a serious level. But for this it’s well done, I like how the frame holds the BG within it’s shape.

This wallpaper is so epic I don’t really know how to describe it lol. I know it’s a modern interpretation of Art Nouveau, but I can’t help but think that the subtle soft outlines and attention to detail in Art Nouveau could have been applied to this wallpaper. I think Art Nouveau is a lot about extravagance and adding more detail rather than omitting detail, which is why I feel the centre seems blank – probably not enough contrast. Overall a great concept though – and as I mentioned, epic is epic 😛

Using pokemon, thats really creative. The way it’s pictured there, is really cool, I reallyliked this one, and I kinda remebered my childhood, lol, gotta play pokemon again. xD

Love the yingyang concept. Though I didn’t notice them at first the clouds within the circle are lovely, they’re a beautiful example of watercolour at its best.

Good old Pokemons! This is a truly simple looking wallpaper but it has it’s own charms. Not too much details but still enough to make it look interesting. Not one of my faves in this round but still a solid wallpaper.



WOW (5): 2.9
TECHNICAL (15): 10.1
CREATIVITY (15): 10.6
THEME/LOOK (15): 11.7
TOTAL (50): 35.3

Thumbs up for the original character, but it seems to me that the whole art-nouveau design looks unfinished. The character needs alot more darker shading, it just looks pale and uninteresting. The sky background could have been a little more lively with some lighting or bright/saturated colours. And the thick lines around the character shouldn’t be black; maybe brown would have been more suitable.

While the painting is superb, this wall suffers from poor execution. Between the transparent frames whose color blends into the background awkwardly and the dark lineart that seems too dark against the other colors, the elements feel mashed together against their will. This piece also seems confused as to its style, teetering too closely to scenic walls. Incorporate the frames as a more prominent part of the wall and use the sky within the frames only. Also the sphinx should be in front of rather than behind the center frame.

It has a nice overall look. However, I think that the black outline seems somewhat odd. Either the entire sphinx should be outlined in black or none of it at all. I’m not sure that black is the right color either… perhaps a dark brown to go with the color scheme of the rest of the wall. I’m also impressed by this participant’s choice in using their own original art. Speaking just of that, I would say there is an odd bulge at the base of the creature’s neck where it goes from lion to human. I would have made the “neck” more slender in this part.

This is so gorgeous, the light coloring and detail within the frames work beautifully together. It’s like an interesting mix of Belldandy and The Lion King, wonderful blend of ideas going here.

The self drawn art nouveau features are really commendable. I do think that the black outline is out of place, drawing attention to the inconsistency of linework, but the choice of the main feature/ focus is an interesting one.

Looking at this I was like, woah,is it really original work? :G It’s amazingly drawn and totally matches the art noveau concept!

Though I appreciate that the thick black outline is in true Nouveau style, it detracts from the delicacy of the rest of the lineart. A duller charcoal tone would have worked better.

An ancient Egyptian theme for this round’s wall. Not to mention that the artist even took the time to draw the main feature of this wallpaper – the sphynx. Overall is a good wallpaper with few jagged lines here and there but it didn’t really draw my attention at first sight. Also, the bold black lines just aren’t fitting in with the rest of the wallpaper.



WOW (5): 3.2
TECHNICAL (15): 10.4
CREATIVITY (15): 10.6
THEME/LOOK (15): 9.9
TOTAL (50): 34.1

I like the different approach on art nouveau here, as compared to other entries. It looks elegant with the presence of peacock as its main subject. I think it would be abit more interesting with slightly bright or saturated tone – the colour scheme looks less appealing as it is mostly dark.

The overwhelming number of things going on in this wall create a sense of clutter and confusion which results in a rather uninteresting piece. While the components are certainly creatively composed, together they are a whirlwind of disarray. The lack of lighting and over texturing translates to the lack of focal points. Textures should be stronger in the background and weaker on the face/other objects nearer to the front. Additionally, the center object blends too strongly into the background; stronger lighting or brighter colors would have remedied this. Finally, the space between the human and animal seems strained and pulls focus to opposite sides of the walls. The general colors are also unappealing. When using darker, dirtier colors it is often important to only use one shade framed by more neutrals.

It is VERY dark and lacks cohesiveness. It seems like a mish-mash of random images slapped together with a texture overlay.

I love the dark, rich colors given in this wall. Full view is even more interesting, the multiple textures working together and blending in so well. I didn’t even notice the girl to the side! I do think the frames need more distinction from the piece, just so it’s the first thing we notice along with the animal.

I thought that this entry was a good attempt to use the elements or design intent of art nouveau and translate it into a more interpretive piece. I’m personally not too sure about the colour outlines due to slight jaggedness, but what I do love is the girl in the top right corner, with the abstract flow of hair (purple) across the top of the wall. The more you look at this piece, it reveals more and I think it’s quite a nice take on the theme.

The idea of using the peacock was really creative, and using it with that scan was a good choice + the art noveau, it’s really beautiful!

Nice colours and great scan choice, but I feel its been over texturized.

My first impression about this wallpaper was just wow. It’s stunning and beautiful, a really unique masterpiece. The amount of little details, the fantastic use of textures and colour scheme makes this wallpaper really stand out from the rest.



WOW (5): 3.9
TECHNICAL (15): 11.6
CREATIVITY (15): 12.4
THEME/LOOK (15): 12.6
TOTAL (50): 40.5 +3 (weapon) -3 (weapon) = 40.5

I think you did a great job (again) with your colour choices. Technical-wise, it just looks neat and refreshing to see, and I like the swirly design too. I’m not sure if this is art-nouveau enough with just partly framed and you might need to play more with the text (to fit the tree branch perhaps), but all in all this wallpaper looks really grand.

I love that this is a completely different spin on art nouveau than seen in most of the entries. The colors are fantastic and the choice of contrast lineart give a much welcomed sense of fantasy and light. The main issue I have with this wall is technique. The thick lineart works well but needs more variation to give the objects movement. The text “Forest Spirit” also seems to pull focus from the masterfully composed centerpiece.

Great manipulation of the original scan. I like the addition of other characters from the film… and the addition of the Kodama heads in the arch. I think the “Forest Spirit” text is unnecessary, but overall a strong wall.

Very interesting idea here, took me awhile to find all the animals. I do think it could’ve used more brighter color schemes, at least for the bigger creature who takes the main focus. Something more to bring out each animal.

Amaaazing! This piece is so beautiful, but it was kinda hard to get the art noveau vibes from this, anyways, beautiful. 😀

This is a really funky interpretation of art nouveau and I’m pretty much astounded by the sheer creativity of the piece. I don’t know how to describe this other than a funky BAPE camo on my screen.

A refreshing modern take on nouveau. The restrained colour pallette was well chosen and the paper texture brings everything together nicely. Plus the Kodama faces in the paterns are adorable :3

I have really no idea what to say about it except that I’m intrigued by it. The idea is really amazing and the wall is executed perfectly. I love those tiny white creatures, they’re so adorable. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the text – it doesn’t incorporate well with the rest of the wall – but it’s only a minor thing.



WOW (5): 3.8
TECHNICAL (15): 11.8
CREATIVITY (15): 11.1
THEME/LOOK (15): 9.2
TOTAL (50): 35.9

A very creative entry, despite the use of human as its main subject. It’s full of colours, life and music! Interesting combination of different elements, without looking oddly placed or anything. I’d say the best part of this wall is how you added patterns/motifs to the whole design. Excellent wall!

The fantastic clash between blooming details and subtle patterns make this a fantastic art nouveau wall. The main issue is however with the color composition, while nice shades are chosen, many of the elements blend together. The viewer really has to work hard to discern the individual elements. Try a lighter background and deeper shades in the foreground with more saturated highlights. Some contrast lineart may even be useful.

One of my favorite walls this round. Colorful and full of a variety of additional images without feeling cluttered. I especially like how the musical instruments are in there, but do not stand out much– the focus is more on Rin and the flowers.

Well…first thing I noticed was the animal (Misa’s note: ie. non human feature) is missing, I’m not exactly sure how to comment since it was so very essential. I do however, love the color scheme and rough vectoring.

What can I say? This is a beautiful art nouveau wallpaper. The execution is wonderful, attention to detail is great, and the idea of using music and turning it into a natural thing is really quite refreshing to see. As you probably have gathered, how well this wallpaper fits the theme is questionable – the main focus is definitely on a human rather than the plants in her hand. Despite this though, it is a really solid entry.

IDK, using a Vocaloid? I really loved this one, but isn’t it kinda off the theme? D: Anyways, the wallpaper is gorgeous! ❤

The colours are gorgeous, use of patterns is outstanding and the slight bokeh texure works really well. I wish I could have given this a better score. However I feel the it didn’t live up to the theme of this round as it focuses/features a human subject 8( Other than that definitely 2 thumbs up.

I must say that I really love this wallpaper. It has a refreshing and interesting usage of texutres that really appeals to Art Nouveau. However, the theme seems to be off since the main
“attraction” is the girl not a non-human object. This wall has really much potential but unfortunately I think the theme is just not correct in this one.



WOW (5): 3.1
TECHNICAL (15): 11.5
CREATIVITY (15): 9.6
THEME/LOOK (15): 11.7
TOTAL (50): 35.9

Interesting choice of design for frame. I like the simple style here, though I feel like the white spaces are too plain to look at. Maybe some grey-ish colour with light texturing?

There are so many great compositional elements working in this piece. The range of complexity draws the viewer into the center object with natural ease and the choice of thicker lineart works beauitfully towards that same goal. The warmer color tones in the middle are also well chosen. Unfortunately, the white color of the frame makes this wall a little too cool for art nouveau and detracts from the smoke in the center. A rustic yellow would have worked much better.

One of my favorite walls from this round. Captures the style perfectly and I like how the scans were used. Not too cluttered and very pleasing to the eyes. Great work!

Aw, Mokona is such a cutie. I love the center of the wall, since thats where the main details are. I think the vectoring is so nice for this type of wall and helps to place everything in sync. I do think the textures on the water could be removed, since it makes the water look rather dirty. And perhaps the white color is a bit too bold, peach or light brown might work better and tone it down.

Cute Mokona, I find this wall really cute, and using the details from the art noveau there, made it really beautiful, loved this.

Great attention to detail keeping in mind the traditional outlining and  a very elegant design overall with the water screened in the background.

Simple yet sophisticated – I love this wall. The color and scan choice are perfect for the theme. Great font choice, is really fitting the wall and making it look more interesting.

I’m surprised there wasn’t more gold outlining among the entries. It really makes this piece pop. The water colour on the petals and lilly pads is exquisite. Plus the font used is a perfect fit for Nouveau.


So if the wildcard insertion wasn’t already crazy enough, the pairing of Sakura-Dust vs flyindreams ended up in a dead heat. *facepalm*

The rules/ scoring pages states that if two scores are the same, we’ll do a dead heat using Bejeweled.

I hereby present 4 options which I hope everyone can leave a comment and input on:


1. A 4 person final. Both Sakura-Dust and flyindreams advance into the final round.

Only the +3 and HELP cards will be in play. It’s 1 vs 3 – there is no direct opponent.


This means that Sakura-Dust and flyindreams still verse each other, but we will have a proper 2 person final as an extra round.


Sakura-Dust and flyindreams does a quick 7 day round to determine who goes into the final. sjade1 and erikamirou will therefore get a 1 week (min + judging) break.


I add up both Sakura-Dust and flyindream’s scores. Greatest total will advance to the final.


Please leave your feedback. 😉

Well done everyone!

I’ll have to delay the start of Round 4 because of this dead heat business. Would love to hear your feedback – the competition is in YOUR hands! (Also I haven’t thought of a theme yet hehehehe)

– Misa ❤

Long story short – I kinda screwed up and I do NOT have enough feedback or distributions of scores to go around.

I’ve called in emergency services and fingers crossed I get an extra set or two of scores.

What does this mean? It means that scoring/ results will be delayed by an extra 72 hours, so if possible, come back in 3-4 days. It’ll be earlier if I can’t get those scores.

Sorry for the inconvenience guys! I just really want all the entries to have awesome comments and scores (which they already have), but I think you’d all appreciate some extra comments/ feedback. Thanks for your patience!

Hi all

I’ve received all 6 entries for Round 3 smoothly and without any problem.

The entries have been put up and have been sent for judging. The results should come out in about 7 or 9 days MAX from now. Depends on when I get the scores in.

Good work to everyone so far! It’s going to be a tough call for the 3 finalists as all 6 entries were absolutely spectacular. Hope to see you all soon – check back in about a week or so!

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Round 3 Weapons


Hello again –

once again I have a video but I’m not posting it because err well, bandwidth issues OTL

dslassey: +3

sjade 1: -3

flyindreams: HELP

The dslassey vs sjade1 pairing results in no point advantage weapons for this round (+3-3=0).

Do not forget that there is a wildcard in this round – it could be YOUR opponent!

If the wildcard wins this round, they will proceed to the final and stay anonymous.
If the wildcard does not win this round, I’ll put you all out of your curiosity and announce who it was 🙂

About 52.25 hours to go until the end of this round. Ganbatte and hope to see your entries soon! I’ve received 2/6 so far and they are looking gobsmacking giddy. Ta-ta!

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